Stavros Kapageridis - Internet Services

Stavros Kapageridis - Internet Services

I provide internet services to customers that need a stable, secure and fast service. Dedicated Server from Hetzner and OVH in Europe powered by Linux OS. Here you will find information about all my services and any activity around them, no matter if you need a dedicated server, vps, webhosting or any other hosting service , i will create a custom solution for you.
Stavros Kapageridis - Internet Services -  Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

I am using the most known and biggest Dc's in Europe, OVH and Hetzner. Choose a server from any range and let me do the rest.

Stavros Kapageridis - Internet Services -  Dedicated Servers

Linux Related Services

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or CloudLinux. Depend on your project i choose and use one of those Linux distributions. Trust me on this.

Stavros Kapageridis - Internet Services -  Dedicated Servers

Web Hosting Services

All these years i have solid experience on services like Webservers, FTP Servers, RED5. Contact me for more information.

Stavros Kapageridis - Visichat

Visichat Video Chat

Gchats Visichat is the program we've configured to offer you more power and stability to enjoy your free time in your Video Voice Chat.

Stavros Kapageridis - RED5

Red5 Free Media Server

We use Red5 to transmit audio and video. Red5 is the most popular audio and video server nowadays and is used worldwide in many applications.

Stavros Kapageridis - Linux

Linux Operating System

Worldwide, most servers rely on the Linux. The most popular and widely accepted for it's stability, security and efficiency. This is what i use too.

Stavros Kapageridis - DDoS Protection

DDoS Network Attack

Nowadays, attacks and various malicious applications are common on the internet. To protect you from any risk, i use a 24/7 DDoS-protected network.


My name is Stavros Kapageridis and for the last two decades i provide internet and network services to customers that need a stable, secure and fast service for their websites. From scratch i setup a dedicated server up to the application that customer needs. I am using Linux as Operating System and dedicated servers from the biggest and most known Datacenters in Europe, OVH and Hetzner. The last 6 years i have a customer list that still uses my services till today. Through this website i hope you will find any of my services useful for your project. For more information about my services please contact me.